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Jovo Radulovic

Bio: Hi everybody, My name is Jovo Radulovic. I am a graduate economist and I am waiting for you at Zupa Niksicka, located in the heart of Montenegro. I am employed in the organization ''Zupa at heart'' and in my homeland I always find peace and energy. That is beautiful valley surronded with many mountain peaks. Not very familiar for visitors, it is waiting those who want to discover it. In adition to cultural and historical monuments such as the Monastery Zupa, several churches, there are medieval fortresses, the Voltica tana, legend tombs from past centuries... Zupa has untouched mountain masiffs like Lukavica, for hiking, biking tours, motorcycle tours, and Maganik for those who like the challenges of hiking and adrenaline charge. You can come to Zupa to fish on the Liverovic Lake and taste traditional food. Zupa does not have a top restaurants and great accommodiation facilities, but it has hosts that will always host you. In our Zupa you can come and enjoy some of intact forest areas with us like the Ban of king Nikolas, or go to picnic if you are looking for good home-made food, peace and silence. Depanding on the season when you arrive, you can participate in events such as traditional country games, athletic races, bicycle races, painting colonies, and you can take part in traditional domestic brandy production. If you want to come and see something new, then Zupa will remain in your heart when you leave.

Interest: History, Culture, Parks and botanical gardens

Miljan Mijuskovic

Bio: Niksic is the town of my childhood. Place full of authentic people where I grew up and formed my character and worldview. Freedom Square has always been a vibrant place where the town's life takes place, the famous site where everyone goes for a walk and meets each other. As we pass by the monuments to King Nicholas and the local hero of the Second World War Ljubo Cupic, you will hear a story about the King and about the early twentieth century when Niksic established itself as a modern town and as the pillar of industrial development of Montenegro. The square is surrounded by the authentic local architecture buildings, as well as cafes, restaurants, pastry shops and pubs that are part of the town's tradition. During the day, townspeople love to sit in the cafes and drink their coffee for a few hours. At these slow moments of non-binding conversations, the spirit of Niksic emanates. That's what you will not find in tourist brochures. As a tourist guide I have visited many cities in my profession. I became acquainted with their interesting history and cultural heritage. That moment of encounter with an unknown city for me is something magical. Discovering one by one quarters of the city or every new street for me is like opening a new chapter of a book that you cannot wait to dive into. Behind every corner of Niksic, behind each building, there are stories written down, waiting for you to come to know them. The many excitements I have experienced by discovering foreign cities I would like to transfer to the people who visit my town. As a white dove above the town stands a beautiful Cathedral Church. Although it is built from a strong Montenegrin stone, it seems to have no weight. As if it has descended from the sky preparing to ascend us all on its wings. The story about the construction of this church, dedicated to Saint Basil, is different and special as well. This story is related to the Russian Emperor Nicholas, its benefactor. You can hear it if you come. Not far from the church there is one place where young people gather in the evening. They are chatting by the walls of King Nicholas' castle. This castle is listening to teenage stories, their desires, dreams and hopes. Once they grow up and maybe eventually leave the town they will forever remember those words and gatherings by the walls of the renaissance castle. All the fates and their stories are invisibly written on these walls. As the main guardian of history and all the memories of the town in the castle today a Museum is situated. Let us take a walk together through the Niksic's memories from prehistory to the present day. Welcome to Niksic. I promise you that you will find excellent climate, tasty home-made food, homemade beverages and friendly people everywhere in the town.

Interest: History, Culture

Darko Bulatović

Bio: Greetings, I am Darko. I was born and live in Niksic, a town of about 65.000 inhabitants. I am a journalist by profession. I love the city in which I live because of its people, history, nature, culture... In such a small place, one can see a lot of diversity which I discover day by day. Niksic is the most beautiful place in the world. My favorite picnic place is the Trebjesa Forest Park – a little hill in the heart of the city. Visit us to enjoy together hiking or cycling together through beautiful forest paths. Those who come once to Niksic, are happy to come back.

Interest: Parks and botanical gardens

Ana Milovic Jasikovac

Bio: Hi, I was born and raised in Niksic, Montenegrin hidden jewel. I got master degree in International Relations. I am fluent in English and Italian and passionate about nature, ceramics and kids. Did I mention I am a pasta lover!

Interest: Architecture, Fashion, Design, History, Culture, Parks and botanical gardens, Kid friendly interests

Jovana Bigovic

Bio: Hi everybody, Niksic is an open city for all those who friendly and benevolently come to its warm crown. Its the city I was born into. I have rised love for this place since the early childhood. Niksic is a city of wide blue sky, blush sunsets, rivers…, the hilltop Trebjesa, place with own beauty which attracts those who want to enjoy peace and freshness. City of heroism, youth and tradition... With its energy, Niksic provides an opportunity for young and old people to fill cheerful and smiling. We will get to know what nature gives us, but also what the man’s hand creates. The full eye, the gentle soul and the warmth around the heart. Be part of my tour to find together places that are forgotten and actual size of the Krupac lake, which citizens of Niksic call ‘’the sea’’. The tour provides a sightseeing of the lake itself and its surroundings. We ''ll start it in front of ''Plaža'' restaurant. First, we will walk around the beach which is not to large, but provides a great view of the lake. On that occasion you will also be introduced to the contents that the Krupac lake offers. We will climb to the small hillside with an irresistible view of the lake and the dam, as well as to the central part of the lake, which has been valorized in the past years through the organizing of gigs and other similar events. Recently, there is also a lodging at the island. After that, we will walk by a dam, 1.480m long. Walking along the dam I will tell you about the creation of the Krupac lake, as well as the anecdotes that accompanied the construction. So, we 'll get to the zipper. By the way, you will also have the opportunity to see the well-known Krupac’s poplars as well as the place where the rock festival ‘’Lake fest’’ is held. From the zipper we will go back to the restaurant and our tour continues through unexplored and abandoned places. We will also visit the tunnel on the abandoned railway Niksic – Bileca, next to the place Stuba. Here we will see old, abandoned stone houses. When we leave Stuba, we will pass through another settlement, that will take us back, from where we started. Here we end our jouney, travel through time, through beautiful landscapes of the Niksic Field.

Interest: Architecture, Culture

Kerim Medjedovic

Bio: I was coming in Niksic periodically until 2004. when I found a job. 1987. – Football game between Sutjeska and Celik Zenica at Stadium next to Bistrica river and bus drive with Celik players. I was drinking boza in confectionary at Freedom square, watching cinema program on Old cinema buiding (130 years old), toplled in 2010, marveling Home of revolution... 1990. two times – On airport at Kapino Polje I finished parashuting training and I spent the night in Single hotel. Yugoslavian king Peter the Second left country from that airport in 1941. He arrived in England and has picked up all treasure, but it was overweight for plane and part of it was hidden in local caves. As the legend says, local people found it later. Second time, I was on athletic competion in javelin throwing and I took sixth or seventh place. We were sleeping in dorm... 1993. – With friend who has girlfriend... I marveled him, and later, I ''slipped'' on the same stone... 2003. – Visit to Liverovici lake about seminar paper Niksic is an impressible town and people with creative energy and unique behavior ''codex'', especially, for my opinion, in art (they are famous in sports, science, politics, different bussines sectors...). Niksic makes creativity from fight that marks past and present, the fight between values and challenges. Gratitude for that energy and his creators, city gives formally and less formally on different ways. I would guide you to see that characteristics, special ''seals'', ''the key'' for deeper research and understanding (falling in love?) of Niksic, sometimes with different interpretation. Gots, Bogmiles, revolutionaries, athletes, poets, monuments… Dive with me in creativity of Niksic in searching for it’s real face. Tour anticipates visits to Castle, Freedom Square, Monument of Ljubo Cupic, grafits of Novak Djokovic and Miladin Sobic, Vitomir Nikolic verses, Home of revolution, stadium, and Fortress.

Interest: Architecture, History, Culture

Zeljko Nikolic

Bio: Hi everybody, My name is Zeljko Nikolic. I live in Niksic. I love nature and I am a lover of extreme sports like snowboard and snowkite. I like city I live in because I admire its history, nature and culture. Niskic is a small city and it has the best climate conditions for all kinds of sports. As a greeter, I can show you Ski center Vucje, situated 20km from Niksic. That is my favorite place for this kind of sport. Daznik, Krnovo plateau next to Ski center are an ideal place for driving in deep snow and as well as Konjsko, for snowkite. All of that in twenty minutes from Niksic...

Interest: Culture, Parks and botanical gardens

Miodrag Karadzic

Bio: Hi everybody, My name is Miodrag Karadzic and I live in Nksic. I love nature and I have been a member of the Association of young ecologists of Niksic for more than twenty years. My love for nature has started in childhood because I have stayed my summer school vocations almost in NP Durmitor and Plain Bjelopavlici, along the river Zeta. On Zeta I adore boating (in one ocasion I was melting), and on Durmitor I like climbing over the tops... I learned to swim well in glacier lakes and when I came back on Zeta my challenge was swiming in linns. As a greeter, I can show you Slano Lake, situated 15km from Niksic. This lake is my favorite excursion destination and when I have some free time, I go there and enjoy its charms. I would be glad to tell you something about its construction, present forgotten natural and cultural values and tell about its significance today. Close to the lake is the oldest bridge in Montenegro, built in third century. If you like sports fishing, we will meet with local fishermen and that is ideal opportunity to pull the hook and, while we are waiting a fish to bite, if we are lucky, we can take a photos because this lake is temporarily home for up to 20.000 birds. One big greet for everyone and see you on the lake!

Interest: Culture

Dusan Babic

Bio: I show an interest in nature and travel when I was an eight years old pupil, in the second grade. At that point I ''familiarized'' with Geographic atlas. I was literally obsessed with it. Years later, as time went by, I decided to set Atlas aside in order to discover real places. Particularly, I was interested in the places with a special or inspiring story. A couple years ago I discovered an estavelle, located a few kilometres from my homeplace. For geographers and the curious ones, that is Gornjepoljski vir - the largest and the most distinct estavelle (628m) in Montenegro and the Dinarides. At the time of high water, this natural phenomenom functions as a spring, and during the dry season it functions as a sink. It is circular in shape with a diameter of 94m, and a depth over 90m. Also Gornjepoljski vir is connected with the Sušica riverbed by means of approximately 30m long channel. There are some more interesting natural monuments. Those places have local legends about their emergence and listening stories is a real adventure.

Interest: History, Culture

Dobrislav Bajovic

Bio: Greetings, I am Dobrislav. I was born and live in Niksic. I am pensioner and experienced hiking guide. Municipality of Niksic extends to 2.065m² and on a relatively small geographical area there are natural beauties, many limpid lakes, rivers and mountains. Special charm is represented by mountains covered with dense forests of beech, fir and pine. My favorite mountain is the Vojnik mountain with an altitude of 1998m that dominates Niksic field and the town of Niksic. Mount Vojnik is located just 20km from the center of Niksic. Visit us to enjoy hiking and mountain climbing together. Those who once visit the Vojnik Mountain, are happy to come back. The hiking and walking tour envisages a tour of three beautiful shepherd's settlements, a walk trhough thick forest, and for mountaineers a climb on the top of Vojnik, with a wonderful view of two thirds of Montenegro. Come, see and enjoy.

Interest: History